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Is it worth it?

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For me it is worth it...probably about 60% of my summer income is with Ocean City pickups. Delaware beaches have just gotten too crowded with drivers. Memorial Weekend is by far the biggest money making weekend of the summer. So if you are not up and running next weekend then I would forget about it for this summer. If you live in Lewes you can couch Uber which means you can get requests from your house. I don't have the luxury in Felton DE. It also opens you up to the Baltimore and Virginia markets in case you end up at BWI you can keep on working.

This is my 4th year. Year 1 and 2, I hung out in Bethany all the time. It was my honeypot. I was the only driver or one of 2 or 3 that you would get between Bethany and Fenwick. I had to give people my phone number if they wanted rides home. By last year we were flooded with "Philly" drivers. I went thru Bethany at 2AM and noticed 10 Ubers around...not sure why. By mid July the surge in Dewey beach completely stopped on some weekends. I remember when it would surge 3x-4x for at least 30-45 minutes.

Ocean City is spread out over 7 miles and tons of hotels and bars. So you are constantly busy and mostly short rides. Once a surge kicks in, you can roll up money pretty fast.

I was going to come down this weekend with the car show in OC but it looks like a complete wash out today and Saturday. I might still go down for giggles if the rain does let up.
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