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You possibly could. You'd have to get a driver who would agree to do that, many drivers will not. Looking at the Uber page for Memphis it shows the charge is only $0.15/minute so a driver waiting for you would be costing $9/hr plus $1 a mile. If you have a lot of driving someone may do it, but if it's a lot of waiting, I don't think many drivers are willing to wait for you at only $9/hr.

How does it work? You request a ride, and when the driver gets there tell them what you have in mind and ask them politely if they'd be willing to do that. When they tell you no you accept that because they drive Uber to earn money, not serve you. And by waiting on you all day they make no money. If they say yes, you are very grateful and have at least $50 cash in your pocket to tip them with at the end of the day. Preferably more.
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