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So I know I have a reputation on this site with a few of the members but I really see them as the type that don't want to see reality for what it is and anybody that challenges their false sense of reality is the problem and not them. .. so with that said I want to know is it the heat is it just the overall morale of the country or am I really losing it but do it seem like people are more confrontational and really bending over backwards to cause conflict where other people nowadays...
I posted an example about a week ago of how about three or four workers at the grocery store decided they was going to charge me for a meat lover Pizza when I blatantly had a cheese pizza and they wouldn't come off it until I lost my cool and almost caught a charge.. 20 minutes of them antagonizing me and it wasn't until I reacted that I was deemed the bad guy and the aggressor...
Well fast forward to today I wake up wanting to have the most positive productive day that I could.. I'll pick up a passenger from the airport take them to downtown and I end up getting a trip from downtown back to the airport had a decent conversation with a decent young lady I drop her off just in time to see a pickup truck double parked beside me blocking me in when they could have easily just gave me a few feet and let me out and keep in mind I have an important doctor appointment that I'm cutting it close for and I was planning on leaving the airport and driving a 2 hours to the doctor appointment with maybe 15 minutes to spare.. but now I'm blocked in unnecessarily
so I sit there for a few minutes trying to be patient ..the guy slowly unloading his wife and sons luggage hugging them he's talking to them now 10 minutes has went by and he's looking at me blocked in and I'm trying to maneuver to see if maybe I can squeeze out of there but it was no way I could do it and they're all just looking at the situation and I'm trying to stay cool then I finally roll down my window and say "sir can you please back up just a little to let me out cuz you have me blocked in" he proceeds to tell me that wasn't his problem and I will have to figure it out on my own and once again before I know it I was in psycho mode dropping all kinds of f bombs.. and he started dropping f bombs and pointing his fingers and we're just having a very disorderly interaction here at the airport terminal... And I can tell by his bumper stickers he was a ultra conservative who more than likely was packing a big pistol which maybe fueled his insistence on starting trouble with me...
But I'm starting to wonder is it me or is it them.. cuz I consider myself a nice guy but as everybody know people that go out of their way to avoid trouble are the last ones you want to start trouble with cuz when they get mad they are really mad and I'm that type...ok rant over😤✌... By the way at that time my thermostat was reading 109.. not smart to antagonize people when it's 109° View attachment 670609
As an outsider I can tell you that people in the US are generally very much more antagonistic and belligerent than in other countries. What you describe about the pickup driver blocking you in and saying that it's not his problem is very common in the States. It's the "I'm alright Jack... fork you" attitude. The US is all about the individual, "What I want" and not thinking about other people.

I was once waiting to fill up with gas. Cars were queueing for the pumps and I was behind the guy who was at the head of the queue. A car ahead of our line vacated one of the far pumps, but the guy at the head of the queue just sat there. I waited for 20 seconds or so and then, seeing that he was no moving, I assumed that he was waiting for the first pump that was directly in front of him. I pulled out from behind him and parked at the free pump. As I was pumping, Jethro gets out of the car and says, "Hey ass****, I was waiting in line". I responded appropriately and then he countered with, "You could have told me that the pump was free". So he wanted to goof off on his phone or whatever, not pay attention, and have the people behind him keep tabs on the pumps for him and notify him when one became available. It's the "me, me, me" attitude.

And the Karen phenomenon? Yep, that's US-only. The women with this haircut
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who mouth off at anyone and everyone in public freak-outs just isn't something you see in Europe, for example. Women there tend to conduct themselves in a much more dignified manner.

So, to answer your question I'd say, no, it's not you.
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