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:D say what?

how can this come to your attention?

you must have some kind of documentation presumably, although what that could be, I can't imagine?

even the basic concept makes my mind boggle - how are they even in the country? holiday visa?

how they got a driving license?

are you saying UBER doesn't check anything at all?

crikey, take you proof to someone that cares and can do something with it

otherwise it's all hearsay........

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Listen matey if you're gonna call bullchit then do it sober... It's called the migration act. Under the act all employers and that includes UBER is obligated to do valid and cntinous work visa checks.

Again I ask... does UBER Australia do work visa checks on its significant foreign work force?

If not then the immigration department should be accompaning QT and officers on their nightly raids.

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It's come to my attention, that a great proportion of illegal UberX drivers are NOT Australian residents and are not entitled to work in Australia
how can this come to your attention?
I'm curious to know the answer to this as well.... I presume you hacked Uber, and the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection, then cross referenced the two list of names.

And rather than posting this anonymously to a media organisation you decided to post a rhetorical question on here with no basis?

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as I already said, you're asking in the WRONG place, bullshit or not...........

take your "attention" / source / alleged breach / proof / evidence, to the authorities, let them deal with it

Really, how can we ever answer your question? no answer here will ever satisfy you, probably the way you like it :p

Think about it....... other than that, you are hilarious, good luck


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Requirements for obtaining driver authorisation
Entitlement to work in Australia
Applicants for driver authorisation or renewal of driver authorisation must provide documentary proof of their
entitlement to work in Australia.
Before the Department of Transport and Main Roads can accept an application, a person must provide
evidence that they are-
 an Australian citizen
 a permanent resident of Australia
 a New Zealand citizen who is the holder of a special category visa as defined by the Migration Act 1958
(Commonwealth), section 32; or
 entitled under a visa granted under the Migration Act 1958 (Commonwealth) to work in Australia.
If you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen holding a special category visa
you will need to provide one of the following to have your application accepted-
 current Medicare card (other than an interim card issued to some applicants for permanent residency)
 full Australian birth certificate
 Queensland birth extract
 Australian citizenship certificate or extract
 Australian naturalisation certificate
 Australian passport (which cannot be expired for more than two years)
 Repatriation Health Card - for all conditions (Gold Card)
 New Zealand passport
 evidence of your Australian permanent residency.
If you are not an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen holding a special category visa,
you must present your overseas passport at the time of application. You must also complete the Department of
Transport and Main Roads' Authority to Check a Visa Holder's Work Entitlement form (F4595) so the
department can verify your entitlement to work in Australia before your application can be accepted.
For visa holders, if driver authorisation is approved the maximum term of the authority is to the expiry date of
the Australian work entitlement.

Yawn, time to move on again. Don't you get sick of posting stupid stuff and getting smacked out every single time. Simple cut and paste from TMR website, took 1 minute or less.
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