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IRS gives Americans 3-month break to file taxes

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Yes, both federal and state

Yes, had :frown:
I wish my tax was that low last year. Don't know for this year yet, scared to find out.

U had 6k in bank ????
Where was he supposed to have it if not in bank?
That's the faster way to get virus in this situation.
U drive FHV and if you have more than 1k in bank then you are not being smart.
You mean we all should have been working for cash? I don't get it.
Balance the income, expense it out.
In the other words spend more then what you make?
Smart spending is the key, So many expenses you can offset the earnings. You keep it at the level that you don't have to go for social benefits at the same time you don't have surplus that it gets taken out. If you pay 6 grand or more, what benefit are you getting out of it. If situation like these days you won't get anything back or anything extra from the other guy who paid nada. This gig is like minimum wage, and you don't need to pay $6k. Even the businesses that make over a million offset bulk of profit in business expenses or upgrades, except for the sales tax I don't think smart business pay lot of taxes. Unless you are W2 where in also you can make certain deductions, we are self proprietory, s corp, etc and can do the maths ourselves. If I am going to pay 6k doing this gig , I would rather upgrade my car or expense it to offset that 6k unless I am planning buy a house or get a loan etc where I would need to show my net. But to each his own.
Your original comment reads: if you're a FHV driver and you have $1k and more in your bank acct you're stupid.

U drive FHV and if you have more than 1k in bank then you are not being smart.
I am not calling anyone stupid as it's not my money to begin with. So they can do what they want with their money , However since I do FHV I know how much one makes and it's not easy money. I am just saying that there are ways to offset.
Either you don't get it or I didn't get it. Having money in bank account means you have cash on your saving or checking acct for yourself but by reading your other comments you're talking about tax. It must be some wording error then or I didn't know bank meant tax. Enlighten me.
So..do we still have to file to get that proposed $1000 refund check?

Any idea about the logistics of all of this?🤫
It turned out that it's for only US citizens and the amount depends on income and family size. How about permanent residents aka green card holders?

1 - 9 of 32 Posts
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