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My brother is going to start driving for Uber today. Last night he was asking me questions about navigation and iPhone 4. I use a Samsung s6 so I'm not familiar with iPhones and the navigation app they use. My phone uses either Google Maps or I have a choice to use Waze since I've installed that app. I have used both and both work fine but I've settled on Waze. I told him to try download Waze and play with it to see if he likes it.

He tried Waze but asked me how to set up the Uber Partners app for it. I told him how I do it - I open the Uber Parnters app>touch the 3 bars in upper left corner>touch Settings>touch Navigation Provider>touch either Maps or Waze. He goes there and doesn't have "Navigation Provider"

So my questions are:
1. how does he set it up for Waze (iPhone 4)
2. what navigation app will open the way it is? or will he have to use his Garmin
3. what navigation app does iPhone use normally


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