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Hey there -- I'm a reporter for Re/code, a publication that covers the tech industry. I write about Uber and Lyft among other companies.

I'm putting together a small dinner on September 3rd at 6:30 pm pt at our office near the intersection of Mission and Embarcadero in San Francisco for a handful of Uber and Lyft drivers. Over dinner, the group will talk about what they like/dislike about driving for each company, how responsive Lyft and Uber are to their drivers, their craziest passenger stories, how their life changed when they started driving for Uber/Lyft and other topics.

We're thinking we'll make this an anonymous dinner, so we won't identify people by their real name in the story about it (unless they want to be identified). That way everyone can feel free to speak truthfully about their experiences.

If you're interested in attending, please shoot me an email with a few sentences about yourself, which company you drive for and how long you've been driving. I can be reached at carmeldea [at] recode [dot] net
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