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Yes, weeks ago.
You will also be asked for make/model of car.
Once completed, an image of your model car with the correct colour will be added to your profile.

Reason is that pax will see your RED Rolls Royce ;) image, as well as your photo and number plate to help identification when being picked up.

Finally, Uber is assisting pax and driver!!
It has been already rolled out in some USA states.

Warning: it appears they use models available in USA, so......it may not be the exact car.

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You may not start a conversation with the following recipient: Who is John Galt?

If you would perhaps message me, maybe you could invade my privacy.
Be careful what you wish for, Moretti.

The lines of communication are now open, so, knock yourself out.

BTW, if this is in reference to the return of items as described here
- I can't help.

I am on assignment in Tassie at the moment and will be leaving the big smoke on Thursday and heading again into the wilds.

If you need me :cool: leave your number before then.

edit reason: finessing
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