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This is a handy spreadsheet with the initial @Cabbie2B 2017/18 information, as well as from other kind posters, all compiled in alphabetical order for a comprehensive list. I will check and verify most phone numbers/web sites from now until my renewal date (at the end of Apr), as I have to ring them for myself.

It's a Google sheets view-only/write-protected - yet any feedback or anything that you want to add, or that is posted informationally wrong, then do feel free to make a comment there. Add those comments in the Google Sheet itself (on the actual spreadsheet, not in this thread!). This is so I can quickly amend it and Resolve it for all of you, please - but also, so it will be easier to keep it updated for next year in 2024.

However, feel free to add in this thread below your NEW brokers/insurers finds that are NOT on that list already.

I hope it helps anyone in need! (Special credit goes to @Cabbie2B whom has always helped us in these past years to compile this!)


Many Thanks for all your input, and good luck chasing a good deal!

So, just to confirm that this list is having a MAJOR overhaul and its a 2023-24 revision (..now that I am ringing everyone up for my own purposes!).

I'd stress to let me know ASAP of new insurers/brokers NOW, if you know of any more. Seeing that after I go ahead and renew, I won't have as much time to tinker with this list for you anymore. No doubt, I will still correct the mistakes and make anynecessary updates, if you let me know. However this will then be as of when I can.

I can press to say that prices DO swing extremely WILD between quotations, so it really is THAT important to ring as many as you can (if not all)!

To give you an idea: I tend to take 1-2 days off to do just this, because my quotes can swing between £300-£2000 annual difference (and is more than anyone can ever earn with UBER in 1-2 days as well)! So it is ALWAYS time well invested and it DOES truly pay off to ring everyone up.

Please DO post NEW insurers HERE (as opposed to corrections on the comments on the spreadsheet) - or you can actually do both. This will keep this thread current and bouncing up to the top of the Forum. Also everyone will then be updated instantly (in case I can't update the sheet right away). Just so everyone will be able to ring up the new finds straight away.

Tweaks, corrections, typos, wrong phone numbers etc, post them on the spreadsheet itself, using the comments button
- so I can mark them as Resolved as we go along during the year.

I hope all of this makes sense :)!

Once again, good luck obtaining your best price, and I hope this will help anyone in need of shopping insurers around

PSS. And in case you are wondering, there is NOTHING in it for me doing any of this, so it is just my way of showing gratefulness for all the help I ever received from using this forum, and all the tips and advice I have ever gotten from all of you.


As you may know Uber now only support the below approved providers only (with Instadoc) - so the above information may be irrelevant. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (However, if you drive outside of London and not licensed by TfL, you’re free to choose any insurance provider you like)

Acorn Insurance / Haven Insurance (Motorcade)
Antilo/Connect Insurance Brokers
Clegg Gifford
Mulsanne (Fare Cover) - Fleet Insurance only
Walsingham Motor Insurance Limited

Sorry guys, one more addendum here. I've been ringing around other brokers (which were not officially listed in Uber's official website), including my last broker (Quotax). It turns out that they CAN use the providers listed in the official website. So for example, Quotax could quote me with Antilo, Flag with Haven etc. In turn, they CAN upload the documents onto Uber platform using Instadoc - hey presto!
Freeway uses Sabre underwriters, for example. Then,
Acorn - Haven
DCL - Nelson
Inshur - Inshur
CCG - Mulsanne
Zego - Wakom
Freeway - Sabre


Although Uber do not explicitly state this, it seems Uber is more concerned about the actual official underwriters they list on the website, rather than the Brokers! That would be quite good news. Still fairly limiting choices. But better than none!

(Personally, i think Antilo, Nelson, Haven & Mulsanne are terrible underwrittlers - also somebody at a reputable broker said they are not really A rated, and not all are based in UK) - but let this not be a bias for your quote, nor count any of this as advice (but just something to bear in mind when you ring around)!
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@deesto and @Cabbie2B thanks for this list again, went with Bluedrop as they came at £1100 this year with 6 years NCB.

DCL I have been with 2 years came in more expensive. It took me half a day to ring around, so definitely worth the time. 👌
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Zego is coming in at £1,135 through the app data collection & £1,326 without data collection through Zego app. Fully comp & 7 years NCB
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