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Insurance Fraud By Drivers Who Don't Disclose Their Uber Fares?

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I dislike being played, and taken advantage of, and abused because Uber can.

I see the James River insurance docs and coverages, and I remember signing up for Uber, and NEVER being TRULY briefed that if I was in an accident, my pax would be covered for some $$$ by James River, but me and my car would be limited to $500 by Uber, and nothing by my insurance if they refused payment based on 'riders for cash pymts'.

So, here's what I will do for all of us Uber drivers who are at risk by our Uber 'Non-Employer' for
  1. 'Sharing' our ride (wink, wink) for ugly cheap fares
  2. Being 'directed' to accept 90% of all rides or risk being deactivated (for choosing whether to 'share' our ride (wink, wink))
  3. Being rated by folks who are only 'sharing our ride' (how can someone you're doing a favor for 'rate' you?)
  4. Being 'directed' by our non employer to 'care for and reason with drunk, belligerent, obnoxious, 'Ugly Cheap Fares', and then still allowing said fare to rate you for possible deactivation
  5. Being told that if YOU 'share' your ride (wink, wink) and get in accident, Uber will only cover YOU and YOUR 'shared ride' (wink, wink) for $500 bucks

I am interviewing insurance companies face to face on video about this Uber insurance fact of life based on James River docs to see just exactly what will happen when our 'Non Employer' who threatens deactivation (firing) for our 'shared ride' choices will affect us when THEIR PRIZED, UNDERPAYING, AFTER 10 PM OBNOXIOUSLY DRUNK PASSENGERS WHO YOU MUST 'REASON and COMMUNICATE WITH' (for ugly cheap fares) are in our 'shared rides', and an accident occurs.

Coming soon to an online video sharing site near you...

Photograph Organism Gesture Font Adaptation

You can thank me later...
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SharedRideTruther said:
I dislike being played, and taken advantage of, and abused because Uber can.
Same here.

I now have the insurance problem figured out for now.

Commercial -- James River (Uber only)
Personal -- Library Mutual

………………… Progressive
Personal . . .
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Casuale Haberdasher said:
POST # 2/UberNorthStar: WHAT ?!
Still no Hybrid
Insurance in EITHER NC. or TX ?
I do not qualify for USAA, and GEICO will not cover me due to 2 at-fault accidents in 3 yrs. I would only be receiving an extension of personal liability to cover Stage 1.

I was expecting a quote from Farmers today for full commercial coverage today. Oh well! Will bug the agent tomorrow.
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