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InstaRyde - LUX cars receiving Regular calls.

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Attention all LUX drivers,

InstaRyde is forcing all LUX drivers to accept all Regular Ryde requests. If you do not, they will deactivate you. I emailed their Operations Manager ([email protected]) and this was her answer, "If you do not want to take any of the ride requests we send you, then you are not a good fit for us at the moment." This was not an appropriate response since I was emailing her in response to 200+ members concerns. I would like for as many people as possible to email her and advise her of your displeasure in being forced to drive at $1.32/mile. For those that are not LUX drivers, please email them also, tell them that you do not appreciate the FUBER tactics being used on Drivers. Remember, we are Independent Contractors, we reserve the right to accept/decline any request presented by whatever TNC offers it.

I am meeting with Karim Sumar (CEO, Co-Founder) @ 7 pm to discuss this with them. Let's make sure they realize that Canada does not Mess with Texas TNC Drivers. I would like to thank those in advance that will take the time to do this. United we Thrive, divided we Fall.

TNC Drivers United President
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You "LUX" drivers act like spoiled princesses. I believe Uber started out this way, no? There are so many drivers in this town that someone will gladly take your place.
Those drivers won't last long. Anyone running a luxury vehicle into the ground at weak (if any) profit isn't in the game for long. Same applies to less-than-lux, but they tend to endure a little longer before reality slaps them.
I appreciate all of you that emailed, our meeting with Karim Sumar (CEO, Co-Founder) was very productive. I'm happy to report that our concerns were greatly received and TNC Drivers United will work closely with InstaRyde to make them successful . The concerns we brought up were;

  • Platinum receiving Ryde requests - the solution to this will be for drivers to have multiple profiles. For those that are willing to receive Ryde requests (i.e. select cars) you will be able to select all. For those that refuse to receive cheap ride requests, email InstaRyde and you will be notified when this feature is ready.
  • The contract between InstaRyde and IC needs to be revised pertaining to the % taken by InstaRyde.
  • The % taken from tips will be removed ASAP, this was an oversight and we need to not hold this against them.
  • An increase in minimum fares will be implemented on the Platinum requests. Platinum will be increased from $6 to $10 and Platinum XL will be increased from $9 to $15. This will be a great incentive for Platinum drivers while working downtown.
  • Select category will be implement, some cars in the Ryde/Platinum will be moved to this category.
Again, those that have not emailed yet, please do so. We still need to make them aware that we are interested in driving for them, as long as this issues are fixed.

Your President

I do not make posts to entice drivers to make negative comments, this are legitimate concerns by members and other drivers that drive expensive cars. So, my suggestion to you in the future, keep your negative comments to yourself, PLEASE.
WTH, Fella? I don't appreciate this lecture from you. I responded to someone who called Lux drivers "princesses", defending their decision to not run luxury vehicles at low rates. So keep YOUR suggestions to how I defend luxury drivers to yourself. Jesus.
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I'm not going to post a comment, I'm stating a fact. In 2012 Uber came to Scottsdale AZ as Uber Black (SUV) @ $5.00 a mile. This was the only Uber platform available. Within 6 months Uber had an abundance of livery vehicles available for the Black (SUV) platform. In fact all the Black (SUV) drivers in Scottsdale were already properly licensed and insured as their previous livery company and state law required. Then in Feb of 2014 the X and XL platform became available in Scottsdale. By Jan 2016 over 93% of Black/SUV request were gone. I believe Austin will follow as the customer is convinced it only cost pennies to operate a fare for hire vehicle. The high end platform of all TNCs will be no more than 5% of any driver. Time will tell. But in the over 2 1/2 years of the lower platforms available in Scottsdale, the customer has spoken.
Uber killed Black in ATX after using Black to make an entrance. We know several operators who expanded their fleets to service UberBlack. The chicken#*^% reason they gave was laughable. They said ordinances in Austin prevented Black service. !! WHAT??!! :)
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No kidding? Uber said ordinances forced only X and XL. That is crap. That's like saying ordinances prevent sideline seats, you can only have bleacher seats. And the damn drivers believed that. I'm sorry that happened to you guys, especially someone who spent upwards of $60k on a vehicle. What a crooked company!!!
Our company turned them down when they first showed up. The pricing, and expectations didn't make sense, and the two jugheads selling it were arrogant AND clueless about the business. A few companies cleaned up during SXSW, but that profit is easily reversed when you have bought multiple high end SUVs on faith :-(

I have been slightly amused by the whining by those operators who HELPED this company come to town against the very ordinances at least two of them pushed for. Yes, I did the "told ya so dance" once or twice! Lol!

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