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InstaRyde - LUX cars receiving Regular calls.

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Attention all LUX drivers,

InstaRyde is forcing all LUX drivers to accept all Regular Ryde requests. If you do not, they will deactivate you. I emailed their Operations Manager ([email protected]) and this was her answer, "If you do not want to take any of the ride requests we send you, then you are not a good fit for us at the moment." This was not an appropriate response since I was emailing her in response to 200+ members concerns. I would like for as many people as possible to email her and advise her of your displeasure in being forced to drive at $1.32/mile. For those that are not LUX drivers, please email them also, tell them that you do not appreciate the FUBER tactics being used on Drivers. Remember, we are Independent Contractors, we reserve the right to accept/decline any request presented by whatever TNC offers it.

I am meeting with Karim Sumar (CEO, Co-Founder) @ 7 pm to discuss this with them. Let's make sure they realize that Canada does not Mess with Texas TNC Drivers. I would like to thank those in advance that will take the time to do this. United we Thrive, divided we Fall.

TNC Drivers United President
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They're driving more expensive cars. Hopefully they're dressing up a bit, and making the LUX experience closer to a limo ride. I wouldn't touch an X request with a $50k+ vehicle. I refused to take pool requests in a $22k vehicle for the same reason. Hell, I didn't take X rides ever, once the office folks approved my Accord for Select.
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