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Lol....don't be fooled by their breakdown of commission. They take 100% of the fare like they did in Toronto. They never paid their drivers! Instaryde cut out and ran to Austin to rip off y'all
You fall into one of two categorys.

1. Driver
2. Non driver

Im not writing this to start some flame war with drivers, im writing you because what you are saying is an absolute false statement, we do not take 100% and never have. I deal with these financial reports daily for the company
If you are a driver in toronto I would love to speak with you to discus any concerns you may be having.

My name is Joshua S. and I was brought on with the company with the Austin Expansion. If you are a driver contact me through the driver support email and if you are not please PM me here.

Joshua S.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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