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While I haven't started driving for InstaRyde ... I did have a chance to look at their Driver Agreement; and one alarming observation ... apparently, InstaRyde takes a percentage of the tips. "In exchange for accepting and fully performing on a Request, you shall be paid 82.5% or 87.5% of the fare (including tip) received from the Passenger ('Service Fee') for Platinum and PlatiumXL Rides and Ryde or RydeXL rides, respectively. Instaryde will calculate the Passenger Fee when the trip has been completed. Instaryde will also charge the Passenger a safety fee, which shall not form part of the Service Fee. Instaryde will receive 17.5% or 12.5% of the fare (including tip) received and the safety fee for providing access to the Application and the lead generation service. " all I have to say is WTF?

According to FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) tips are the property of the employee; and while drivers are not employees, per se, arguably it's the expectation of the pax that the tip is going to the driver. source = https://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs15.htm

Granted InstaRyde is a Canadian company so maybe they do things differently there; however, according to this UP post they aren't even paying Canadian drivers on time - https://uberpeople.net/threads/instaryde-are-theives.83785/

Thanks, but no thanks; I have a hard enough time chasing down GetMe to get paid on time; and they are a local Austin company.

One more note ... the driver agreement above states Platinum & PlatinumXL rides; however, there is no pricing for either service on their website - http://instaryde.com/pricing/ ... in the software world we call this "vaporware".

Ziggy's vote = NFM
Jesus who the F is their lawyer, did they even hire one or just use legal zoom? Once again, as Uber never gets tired of learning, they are screwed on both ends. Passengers can sue who tip can so as can drivers.

I loved it when Uber got into it over their safe rider fee. I specifically remember them telling us it was to pay for the costs of due to the city which wasn't true not was it to cover anything to do with safe riding as the courts ruled. Why their lawyers didn't catch this I don't know.
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