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I live in NW Indiana but drive in Chicago.

A couple of weeks ago, I switched my insurance to Progressive and saved a lot of money--or so I thought. I stupidly fibbed when they for asked if I did ride sharing. I later realized I had to fix that because they could deny a claim based on that.

So I just called them and was told the coverage change would be an additional $1,000 per year BUT my 19 year old son could never drive the car. Like most Uber drivers, I'm sure, I use my car for personal use too which means letting family members drive it. This is really stupid, I think.

My policy with Progressive hasn't taken effect yet, so I could cancel and get a full refund.

To complicate matters, I got a speeding ticket two days ago. I wonder how that will affect the rate with a new. Is there a way to avoid having a new insurance company find out? I suppose if I don't tell them, they'll find out anyway.

And advice would be really appreciated.
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