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AAA report on gasoline prices = gasoline is $0.50 cents higher today than same date 1 year ago. The prices are expected to continue to rise through Memorial Day as the refiners perform maintenance to change over to summer grade fuel.

National average gas prices
Regular Mid-Grade
Yesterday Avg. $2.313 $2.586
Week Ago Avg. $2.286 $2.562
Month Ago Avg. $2.270 $2.546
Year Ago Avg. $1.813 $2.073
1 more row
AAA Gas Prices


Since "fake news" has been in the headlines a lot lately, I thought I'd add my own fake news to the above facts.

Uber adds fuel surcharge to riders fare.

With uber's genuine increasing concern for the welfare of their drivers that have announced a new fuel surcharge of $0.03 cents per trip mile which will be paid directly to the drivers to help compensate for the rising fuel costs. NOT !!! LMAO.

It's nice to dream about a perfect world but something like a surcharge to benefit the drivers will never happen. Reality is that a rate reduction of increase in the commission paid is more the reality.


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Reminiscing about my first Uber trip in August 2014.... payout: $9.33... Same trip today the payout is:$6.13. I don't think the rate cut kept my earnings high.
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