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I'm pretty good at steering conversations in directions that I want them to go.....

If my pax is willing to have a conversation with me..... My entire goal is to see what their stance on tipping is..... and changing it if they are non tippers!

I've incorporated two new nuances into my various speeches. Once I get folks talking..... I'm now asking almost all of them if they've been following the lawsuit that was just settled. If they were.... makes for good conversation. If they haven't been following it..... it still makes for good conversation.

Also, in almost all cases, I tell them that I'm having this conversation with them for the benefit of their "NEXT" uber driver.... not so much for my benefit. I out and out say "Please tip your next uber driver".

Batted 1.000 in my afternoon runs after a morning shift of driving McDonald's employees to work (my speech is often lost on this generic pax).

It is my honest feeling/opinion that lots of folks have heard about the lawsuit (and other "stuff") and that there is a minor, almost imperceptible shift in attitudes toward tipping. I hope I'm right!!

It's a slow slog!

PS.... I'm a 4.92 and have only had 1 none five star rating (pretty sure it was a 4) in the last 100 or so rated rides. So I'm not suffering any pushback yet.....
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