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Ten days and 200 rides later and I've yet to see a single incentive since I started driving on the Uber platform almost 2 weeks ago. I did get the gas card, which should arrive sometime soon, but I've not seen anything else to reward my hard work and high overhead.

I have a 4.92 star rating, 86% acceptance and I even qualify for, and participate in Uber Select ride sharing. I did let quite a few pings time out during the first week, but that was only because I'm new to ride sharing and I needed time to get used to driving in San Francisco's Financial District while fumbling with the app and trying to keep my passengers in comfort, safe, and on time.

How do I get in on these incentives I keep reading about? It's starting to piss me off, as I like to think that I'm the kind of driver that Uber wants to attract. No complaints, almost 5 stars, a good nearly new luxury vehicle, and I take almost every ride that comes my way.
What am I doing wrong here? Has some Uber algorithm sussed me out for a sucker who'll put up with anything, and so no incentives are required, or am I unaware of some protocol that'll get me those incentives?

What is the criteria? I'd like to try and meet the requirements, or else I'm going to be tempted to drop this gig, as it's almost not worth the effort, overhead and exposure for me to continue without some sort of enticements.
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