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Has Uber Failed to Pay You Your Fare Incentives Corretly

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What gives, again I am not paid for my qualified rides this weekend, (the extra $120 guarantee)

I worked 22 rides within the given time frames and instead of giving me my well deserved 120 they give me 50 for 10 qualified rides.

These people really get under my skin, do I love that this is a gateway to earn YES, BUT **** dont constantly tell yours drivers this is what you can do, then do it, and get a half ass check in return.

I have already contacted support through the app but of course they send me some automated message saying wait for it to appear as they have already posted 50 which is incorrect. Its just some runaround answer to get me to shut up.

My day tomorrow will consist of constant phone calls to reach a "real person" or ill be subjected to drive all the way to Westwood from Downtown just to tell these ******** to pay me what I deserve.

If anyone else had this issue hit me up ..... so sick of going out of my way to get what is rightfully mine
1 - 3 of 3 Posts