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The following is in answer to Nigel L's post yesterday evening which has since disappeared.
Considering the explosive nature of the revelations which I bring to your attention, I don't think any of us would be surprised!

Nigel L said:
Uber drivers are not running a business as a sole proprietor.
Uber riders (the payer) pays Uber for every trip, not the drivers. Tax invoices issued to riders do not come from the drivers' businesses.
Drivers can not set their own prices (fares) and drivers do not collect payments from riders as would any business operator.
Drivers are actually Uber employees. Uber trip allocation algorithm decides when you work, how you work, who you pick up, how you do the work. You are an employee not an independent contractor.
Sham contracts have been used by Uber to deceive drivers and avoid GST.
Nigel, this is truly alarming!! :eek:

All along, I have been led to believe that Über is the Mother Teresa of the corporate world, offering a lifeline and sucker succour to the poor unfortunates, the downtrodden and the weak. Über is prepared to offer employment opportunities when no other company is prepared to pay so little; to offer ongoing 24/7 encouragement and moral support through the extraordinary privilege of earning 5★'s from riders and the unbelievable endorsement of achievement via Über badgers. Truly the ultimate in any career!

Mother-Teresa resized to 400.jpg

Mother Teresa in her Greek sailor suit looking forward to onboarding with Über :)

To air the types of allegations that you have, in a public forum is unprecedented. Unbelievable, Unpleasant, Unsavoury and Ugly are just a very few of the words that come readily to mind in these circumstances, and this is just those words beginning with Ü. And.....we still have 25 letters to go. I would like to point out that most drivers are in a very, very happy place. o_O They are able to leave their boundaries, to leave the unpleasantness of their institutional confines for a few hours each day and pretend that they are real people.

Über surveys constantly show a satisfaction rating of nothing less than a perfect 100% amongst all one driver. I can't mention his name due to my inability to countenance yet another law suit; and I am already being accused of monopolising my pole dancing lawyer's time and talents.

Due to some ongoing reckless behaviour on her part, it seems we are discarding and needing to prepare new briefs on a daily basis. I suppose this is where I am inclined to be perhaps more indulging than I should be, of her methods of 'getting to the root of the problems' in which I find myself. If it requires a daily shopping excursion to replace her lingerie, well, so be it. Personally, I find these joint shopping trips and associated displays of visual indulgence to be extraordinarily uplifting and there is absolutely nothing that any credit card or its owner would rather have it maxed-out over, than quality lingerie............

censored resized to 500.jpg

Sorry, I have been away for a couple of hours here. Please google and insert the pictures of your choice.

Somehow, my train of thought has wandered here.......

Ah yes, the driver satisfaction survey. As I mentioned, it is currently (and has always) tracked at 100%. As you know Über is a technology company and through the sheer brilliance of their imagination department - (partner company) Imagineering LLC - they came up with the idea of simply extrapolating the results from just one driver survey of one driver, across the entire global network. This one particular driver; is in a constant state of euphoria as he is the sole guinea pig for Big Pharma's attempts to get shonky drugs past the US FDA or Food and Drug Administration. This tie up between Über and 'Big Pharma' will be revealed in a future explosive and shocking exposé, which my gorgeous research assistant (no, not the lawyer) Ricarda and I are currently working on.

Due to this driver's contribution to Über's propaganda department, which incidentally is called the Goebbels Group, he is titled as a driver partner, or perhaps more correctly entitled, due to the enormous and exceedingly generous benefits bestowed upon him, as they are to all driver partners for that matter; but in reality he doesn't drive at all. He is ferried around in the back of a company owned Über in a continuing state of drug induced delusion thinking he is a driver partner whilst in reality he is helping Big Pharma in their endless quest and joint venture with Über to produce the next generation of driver partner - the zombie driver!!

Zombie Driver resized to 550.jpg

The Zombie Driver - coming very soon to a neighbourhood near you!

The attainment of this achievement will be not only groundbreaking, it will be truly history in the making. This will be HUGE!! The only thing that I can even imagine in the same league as this, would be a world championship playoff between Kim Jong Un's and Donald Trump's hairdressers. That is how big it is going to be.

As you know, there was a time, where Über played around with the idea of driverless car. They finally came to the conclusion that a driverless car is about as probable as a carless driver. Extraordinary coincidences and surprising connections occur all the time in our daily lives. However, I doubt there has ever been such a connection as the one between Travisty and the recently appointed FDA head - Dr. Scott Gottleib at an AA meeting a few months ago. Obviously, Scott didn't have a drinking problem when he was appointed in May, but....well....reporting to the Donald.....

Now, during this AA hook up between our two main men, both were eager to help each other. Initially of course, there was a bit of a cross power dressing challenge and as Dr Scott is Travisty's senior by a few years, there was a bit of the old bull, young bull head butting to determine who was (full of) the biggest bull. To their credit, they sorted out their differences and Dr Scott suggested Travisty's problems with drivers could be solved with the correct drug programme.

One thing let to another....my people will call your people...you know how it goes ......most of us deal with this sort of thing every day. The upshot of this was - Travisty getting together with Albert Bourla, DVM, Ph.D., the Group President of Pfizer Innovative Health :eek:
Yes......Pfizer the blue pill company.:eek:


Albert Bourla, DVM, Ph.D., the Group President of Pfizer Innovative Health
- would you trust him with your innovative health?

Innovative Health indeed. :D

The Innovative Health group at Pfizer got together with the Goebbels Group at Über. When you see this in print, it seems extraordinary doesn't it? Almost unbelievable. Almost.....but, I think deep down; way, way down, we have all had our suspicions. First, it was the latest and the most potent psychological manipulation with the introduction of the 9 Badgers - which in fact, have biblical, religious and masonic connections, which I will elaborate on later.

But now, here in the moment; the drug programme, the performance dehancement (I know it is a special word) programme of the Über driver partners is about to unleashed upon the driver brotherhood. This is not just some minor little football club type drug skirmish, this is the full blown, in your face, gene altering type stuff of science fiction! This is the result of Big Pharma's hook up with Über and it is real, it is happening and it is very, very scary! Über zombies!

Zombies resized to 550.jpg

The latest onboarding of Über's intake of new drivers, about to be let loose upon the unsuspecting public. :eek::eek:

It has now been revealed and I'm happy to remind you that this is a world first, exclusive!! Über Driverless cars / Über Zombie mobiles. One and the same!! Totally off the scale! Over the past couple of hours, no less than Jerry Hall (with whom I have a bit of history in Texas) Rupert's latest, has been on the 'phone incessantly, inquiring firstly about the story, and secondly seeking financial advice as to whether to clear out of PfÜber, before the smelly stuff hits the fan. I'm sure you see my dilemma here. Past lover vs future lovers. What to do?

I am currently considering various attractive financial incentives offers to minimise the fallout. In the meantime, if any of you are offered a coffee or water whilst visiting the greenlight disco thingo, I would be asking myself "Do I want Drugs, or Do I want WiJG Hugs?"

Hugs not Drugs.jpg

edit reasons: grammer grammar & spelling

This post was published yesterday evening in the Adelaide, Australia forum.
A couple of readers suggested it be re-posted here.
Regards - WiJG
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