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I did apply online for TLC and now I have to wait to set a date to come in. This is a multipart process and Ive heard it takes several weeks to months. So I can get this by the new year.

Yeah its 3 to 4k investment but its either not Uber at the money whale airport or Uber at the more frugal Hoboken.

I guess I will have to go back to the old Hoboken routine for a while until I get TLC. My observation is less cops in the morning and at night its impossible. Sometimes things seem quiet and the cops pop out of nowhere. The blue&white suv follows you around the airport. Some Black guys got caught up in the dragnet last night.

So airport not for the nervous or those scared of police. I didnt enjoy any of this last night.

Anything can change in the Uber world so get whatever money you can out of this now while you can.
That email that they send you doesn't have a set date on it, you can show up at TLC on any day, BUT you do need that email printed out - they won't let you inside the building without it.

Also, even though they open at 8am I would highly suggest getting there by 7am - lines are insanely long, when I applied for my fhv I got there at 7.45 and there were about a 100 people ahead of me in line.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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