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I think they are also using the app to entrap us. I was here and got a ping for a 'Margarita'. As per usual, I called to confirm what terminal she was in. No answer. So I texted. No answer. I called and texted twice workout a response. I happened to notice some PD inside the removal reading off a phone. I send one final text telling them I'll try once again to find them at the Arrivals. The cop comes over and says, 'you're Uber'. I say I'm only waiting for my friend. I'm pretty spooked so I'm ready to leave and circle around. Cop tries several more times to get me to admit I'm Uber. I tell him that I'm leaving and he says. 'Yeah go check on your friend in Arrivals'. I'm wondering if they can ticket you for sitting idle.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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