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Anyone else getting this? Because it is bananas insulting to do a 10 -15 min ride for $3.22. and a no show gets you $3.89
Saturday night.... little after 2:00 AM, over behind Gallery somewhere, some high Mediterranean place or something. I'm roll in near the Valet. Maybe 10-15 people just milling around. GEO Loc the dude is clearly standing right here in this crowd. 1 minute..... 2 minutes.... chick rolls up in her KIA thinking she all hot, blasting the jams, "LOOK MY NEW CAR"... Ok, it's a KIA.... 3 min.... 4 min.... CANCEL! Soon as I put into gear guy starts waving "HEY HEY!!!!" .... dude looked like a pimp lol in his white jacket and aviator glasses on top of his head .... "Sorry dude, timers up" as I wave and roll out of there. His request came back through, which I ignored.
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