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I'm back,

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Nothing changed, a bunch of roaches on the road, uber, lyft, taxis, limo, shuttle etc. Today was my slowest day in months, 45 dollars in tips and 182 for the book, total of 120, what a joke, I slept a lot at the airport today,( was tired for 10 day road trip) a bunch of you crying, a bunch of us mad at you, and the bosses laughing at us. Today I had 3 trips with no tips, it feels like s&$##. How can you guys do it?. Anybody got rich? Lol.
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['m very worried QUOTE="UberPropaganda, post: 1216224, member: 57764"]It's nearly July except for November to late December it's absolutely the slowest time of the year in Vegas. And the super troll lvcab already knows this.
I'm very worried, lol, I'm just relaxing, I tried to post this at 4 but got real busy, 240 for the book and 73 in tips. Total of 175 for the day, so I'm not worried yet, remember they pay us minimum wage for 12 hrs, slow or not, worst case scenario,[/QUOTE]
Damb that is a lot of hours to be stuck in that taxi cab hell
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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