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I haven't caught a cab for 2 years. At least.

This past weekend, I went to the Kenny Chesney concert at Sports Authority Stadium. My take was that there were 75,000 people there.

As you would guess - I took an Uber from our hotel at Denver Tech. Its a straight 10 mile shot up I-25. Requested UberX, driver was 10 mins out. No worries. Knew it was going to be busy. Guy rolls up in an older model Highlander. Been driving for 3 months. He had cold water aplenty in the car. Nice touch.

But then he asked me if he should use the nav. He had audio enabled and simply had the phone in the center console. Was so annoying. He also wasnt sure where to go. When we got close to the stadium we bailed and walked the last little bit because I didnt want him to sit in traffic for 30 mins making 16 cents a minute. Tipped him $10.

Problems started when we wanted to go home. I told my wife that we needed to walk away from the stadium to an actual street address so it would be easier for the driver to find us. We left prior to the concert ending to try and get a jump on the crowd.

First request, guy accepted the ping and was 10 mins out. I called him and explained where we were. He sounded frazzled but understood. Warned us that he could be a little while. I told him to relax, we were in no hurry.

While we were standing there, a guy approaches us and says:
"You called for an Uber?"

English wasn't his first language. I told him no. He showed me his phone and driver app.

He said "What to do?"

I told him to cancel the ride. He asked me how. I showed him. He immediately got an Uber Black ping. "What to do now?"

"Answer it and go", I barked. He had one of those smaller Lincoln MKT things.

I shook my head. Then I notice my rider app and our driver. He was now 17 mins out and looked like he was stuck. I called him again and asked where he was. He was even more frazzled now. I told him we would wait.

Moments later, my rider app went from tracking his car to "On Trip". He had picked up the wrong passengers!

I called him

"Dude, whats going on?
"What do you mean?"
"I mean I am still standing here, you are supposed to still be 6 mins away and now I see that you've commenced the trip"

There was a lot of background noise in the car and he was yelling at the hijackers to be quiet. I then told him that I was going to cancel the ride and report him to Uber for being an idiot. Which I did. I canceled - but got a trip invoice for a paltry $5. Uber refunded it the next day after I complained.

Request another UberX. This time a very street smart chick accepts the ping. She's on the phone within seconds and says "Can you see the Denny's?" No I reply. "Well, if you cant see it, I cant get to you. Why don't you cancel and another Uber will be along in a minute".

Finally, a driver who knows what their time is worth and knows how to manage a crowd like this to her advantage. Good girl.

I then see a yellow cab. I sigh. It has come to this. We jump in. First thing out of the guys mouth is "You got cash?"

"No I dont" I reply. He argues with me the whole way back to the hotel - because all I did was mention that he should take I-25 south and get off at exit 200. He was a crappy driver, he obviously couldn't see well at night and he was pissy when I only gave him a 10% tip (which you have to tell the driver to input on his terminal). The fare was $33 plus the tip

All in all, not a good night for me as an Uber rider. Surge pricing was well and truly in force - but I only saw a max of 2.1. I tried UberSelect but no cars available. Which is exactly why I dont work nights or major events.

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when Kenny Chesney was here at the Rose Bowl recently I got a few good surge fares leaving there... I never got close to the venue, I picked up pax who put some space between like you tried to... still bad traffic, but lots of drunk pax willing to pay a surge.

A cab driver who wanted cash? I'm shocked, lol

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Why is there no mention of you opening and using the Lyft app on your phone? Do you need a referral code?
How dumb am I! I didnt even think to use Lyft! (Shows you how brainwashed I have become with all the Uber Kool Aid I have recently ingested. That or I was partly affected by all the Coors Light I had consumed at the event) ;)
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