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I would but I need to have flexibility in order to have my schedule around my son鈥檚 schedule. Dont worry I am already looking for other jobs too that would be willing to hire me based on my own schedule. Once find it, I will quit driving for Uber. Also, I am asking for the drivers who are just doing Uber for fun or has already made enough money from his/her other jobs. Why would I ask this for any driver who are indeed in need for extra money. As you probably know there are drivers out there doing this for hobby and some even just to get a chance to meet and date girls. Although it is not in big percentage I believe. Only had a few chats with some drivers
Anyone who is doing this for "fun" or to "date girls" has bigger issues than we can discuss here and is not your competition. Who are you to say what I should or shouldn't be doing? I do well at my day job and investments but I also have an obligation to do the best I possibly can to support and provide for my family. I've worked hard all my life, made good educational decisions, had a good bit of luck and good fortune and would like to be able to retire soon and actually enjoy it, given the certainty of future financial uncertainty, I sock away and invest as much as I possibly can. Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time of it but my first responsibility is to myself, my wife, kids and grandkids.
61 - 65 of 65 Posts