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Fair enough for Taxis the replacement of the 2010 Ford Falcon Lpg Wagons/Sedans - now the fleet trend is Toyota Camry varieties Hybrid/Altisse E10 etc.
Bit "fair suck of the sav"! I saw this pax get out of HC PLATE silver camry from back left seat - struggling to get out, swinging his legs at an angle to exit and the chap was not tall not large build. Oh what feeling! NOT!!
I mean if someone is willing to pony up the dosh for Limo Service You want a marvellous motor car of precisio mn LUXURY machinery turning up.
Or is this the Uber EL-CHEAPO version of luxury??

By the way - there is nothing wrong with toyota cars - as John Laws used to say:
"You can't kill it with a stick"!

So what will turn up next with HC plates
a SMART Car ?
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood
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