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Idle Cars is the better way to rent for-hire vehicles

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Why rent with Idle Cars?

In the NYC Uber market, the only thing that matters is bringing home every possible penny you can. With unpredictable fares and rates, why not protect yourself in every way possible?

As a professional driver, your car is one of the biggest expenses in your business. That is why Idle Cars is constantly working to find new ways to bring you the right car at the right price, all while taking the pain out of the process.

Idle Cars is a marketplace, not a fleet, so you can always find the best deal on any car in the city. With many different rental options and no long term commitments your income is protected from an unpredictable future.

How we help drivers:
  1. Find a rental in your price range

    Rent by the week, or share a car with another driver. Whether you want the car all to yourself, want us to find you a shift to drive, or want us to help you share a car with a friend, we have you covered.
  2. Take the pain out of the process

    We act as your rental assistant. We make sure that no matter what car you want, you can always expect clear and standard terms. We assure you there are no hidden fees! We let you pay through our app and submit your documents too, so you can get into the car quicker and spend more time driving and less time worrying about the signup process!

Ways you can rent:
  1. By the week

    Weekly rentals range from 1 to 30 days. You have the car all to yourself, and can return the car any time after your minimum rental period is complete.
  2. By the Shift

    Find a driver who owns or leases a car and drive it when they are off. You can drive the morning shift (5am-5pm) or the evening shift (5pm-5am).
  3. Share your car with a friend

    We will find you a car that you and a friend or business partner can share. These rentals are the same as the weekly rentals - they range from 1 to 30 days and can return the car any time after your minimum rental period is complete.

Rent today and get $125 off your first week's rent

Go to https://www.idlecars.com/

Use code UBER_PEOPLE to get $125 off your first week's rent.

If you own a car:

Let us know if you own a car you want to rent out by the week or that you want to share with another driver. Go to http://owner.idlecars.com/ to set up your account so you can receive payments from drviers and list your cars.
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i'm gonna put in a word for this new rental company, dryve tlc

u can see it has a 5 star google rating. none of the four uber partners have a rating above 2.6.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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