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I was driving my unroad worthy car for Uber

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I was receiving SMS from Uber that vehcile inspection is going to expire. After 2 weeks of messaging from Uber, I went for inspection in North Melbourne. I already knew I will fail the car inspection as car tyres needed replacement and car tail light was not working. Anyway, the guy who inspected the car told me that my car is not road worthy and I have to change the tyres and replace the tail light.

I was thinking that I will not be able to login to Uber partner account as my car didn't pass inspection but guess what; for 2 weeks I was able to login into my driver account and I kept on driving even though my car was not road worthy. Nothing from Uber.

Finally just before end of Financial year, I replaced the tyre and tail light so I can claim these expenses in tax returns. But it got me thinking that Uber is so desperate for drivers that it's allowing the car on road that don't even pass road worthy test.
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Agreed, had he been in an accident after it failed safety inspection insurance would likely have denied any claims and he would be on the hook for everything. Just a plain stupid move.
I have same philosophy like Uber. Rather than asking for Permission, do what you want and how you want and then ask for forgiveness. It's the Uber who still allowed me access to their platform even knowing that my car was unroadworthy. Have i been in an accident, I simply ask Uber to cover the shit. If Uber say no, I will simply take my Nigerian passport and book a oneway ticket to Nigeria. Who cares what happen. Let Uber and regulators fight this issue and Let media sell this story while I wouldbe in Nigeria planning for my next scams.
Sorry mate but any credibility you may have had just went out the window. Have a nice flight
Don't worry, I changed tyres and light and my car is roadworthy now
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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