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Today 1st ride (airport) pax asked me to take the 407. I took 404 instead since no traffic and it worked out ok.

However, another ride today asked for 407 as well (late for work type of deal). I called them on my way to p/u location and told them that I will only do it for an extra $10 since at that time I had no idea if uber would reimburse me for the toll (don't have a transponder). Pax claimed that she was told by another uber driver that I would be reimbursed.

Post trip I looked at the details of the fare breakdown and I believe I was smart to ask for that tip after all.

- 23.7kms trip distance (17min 18sec) (38.1kms including back to my place)

  • $18.61 earnings minus $12.27 (etr website estimate[toll + trip fee + camera fee]) + 11.69 uber estimated toll refund [$8.35 toll - 0.40 tax + 3.74 HST = $11.69] = $18.03 minus $7.62 gas & wear and tear (38.1kms total including getting back home via hwy7) = $10.41 NET gain + $10 tip = $20.41
  • Uber marks down the $11.69 as "refunds and expenses" under transaction weekly log

Trip would have taken 50minutes including getting back home. Glad I asked for that extra $.

Now truth be told, I did get a couple of more shorties on my way back to my place via DF but still ..... this 407 trip is utter bull****

I hope I won't get too many of these 407 trip requests. They don't seem too profitable.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts