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I see a lot of Lyft at ucla , what’s the power zone there?

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can someone send a screen shot of the power zones for today, I see to many cars from Lyft, especially at ucla . I can’t see them cause I’ve been deactivated .
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Why does it matter if you're deactivated? o_O
Inductive reasoning. Boost and PZ lower surge. Plus we all get different Boost and PZ so we ask for people to post so if we are getting less we know not to fight for rides.
Unfortunately they seem to be perfecting the art of knowing how high, how long, and to how many drivers to give PZ to in order to satisfy demand, kill PT, and still make money. They must know that some drivers without PZ will still show up and drive for base, and that a certain number of premium car classes will opt down to lower levels. When PT happens it's cause they either don't care if it does or they underestimated how many drivers they would need.
Exactly. So of you understand that they do this. Do you want to be somewhere where they are offering PZ just not to you? No.

Thank you for helping me explain it to others who maybe didn't understand that from my post alone. This is the kind of info we need to share out even to drivers who don't come here.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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