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I got a chance to take a peek at 2 of the RoboUbers tonight in Pittsburgh.

I got a ping to a tall, unmarked building in Pittsburgh while out driving... When I pulled up I saw the RoboUber sitting there with its parking lights on, and the radar thingy on the roof spinning away.

I jumped out of my car and walked over to it and the three guys standing around it just stared at me.

There was a guy in the passenger seat with a laptop, probably pulling datalogs or something, who said "can I help you with something?" To which i responded "No, I just wanted to take a look at the car. I got a pick up at this location."

As I turned around, I see another one parked in the parking lot with a couple random, regular cars.

Then I notice my pax is standing by my car, so we both jump in and off we go.

I confirm the address and off we go. I told the guy I was surprised they pinged me with those guys right there.

He told me "this is the Uber offices" to which I responded "oh, I thought they were a little farther in town"

I asked him had he ever ridden in one and do they work well, he said "they do better in highway situations, than in the city"

I asked how many of the RoboUbers they had and he responded with "I'm not really allowed to talk about it, i'm sorry." Amd I said "Well, I know you have at least two of them!"

Basically, they were dark grey Ford Fusions with a huge array of cameras on the roof pointing in all directions and a large spinning radar in the center. They had some formed plastic or fiberglass shell around it all that neatly housed everything and probably provides some aerodynamic qualities to what would probably be a serious amount of wind drag and wires everrywhere.

Both cars looked Identical, and fairly normal on the inside... Containing all instruments and stuff any other car would have. The only thing that looked out of place was a large red button in the center console. It looked like a big red kill switch you would see on industrial machines.

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Very cool story, thanks for adding it. I am a mechanical engineer(and just signed up for uber as I have been out of full time work!) And have been checking out what they have on that program. Oh, and they are hiring like crazy there.
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