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Anybody at LAX this morning around 7:20? Horrible traffic around the loop. I patiently maneuvered toward the right lane heading toward the second turn at the Bradley terminal and tucked in next to another car unloading at the curb, I was the second car from the curb but all traffic was stopped dead and it was a safe place to unload. The sidewalk is closed between Bradley and American Airlines and a large orange barricade is placed along the side walk, I was at the last bit of the curve where the barricade ended. His notes on my ticket are as follows "v/p u/l @ #2 Lane Construction Detail" I was foolish and a little impatient but not unsafe or untimely.

The words and the look on Sergeant Pasaye's face were telling: "YOU PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO LEARN"
I think he meant U People.

Box 25 89.39 White Curb = $58

On the way out I felt like everyone was cursing the Uber: Cabs, Busses & Shuttles. I quickly peeled off the U and thought **** head Pasaye just taught me a lesson, perhaps he was right. God only knows what kind of Uber antics that man has had to suffer. I hope his cholesterol level isn't too high, he looked like he was about to blow a pig valve.

Then it seemed like there were Ubers everywhere, the "Kook" from bscott's thread cut off two lanes of cars trying to merge over to Sepulveda North.

That was my first ride today. Passenger number three must have weighed on the up side of 350 lbs and explained to me that she is not comfortable unless the car is moving, she new which lanes were more likely to keep moving and instructed me the whole way from SM to Century City.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Bye for now,


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I think we are ok. Don't sweat it. Uber still has a few million left that they can bribe the la city council with. Everything is gonna be ok
Sometimes the grass roots movement and / or / the money gets out ahead of the city council. I'm trying to keep an open mind. I wish I had a video of the traffic officer today, he was clearly agitated. That says to me that he is either being told what to do, i.e. target Uber, or, he is fed up with dealing with Uber drivers doing foolish things. I have a a whole list of grievances that I have not yet written out and edited but I would like to address a recurring theme, it goes like this:

"Taxis suck", "Taxis don't care", "Taxis take to long to pick up",

"Uber is great", "Uber is a better experience", "I like Uber".


Would taxis suck if they were cheaper?

Would a couple of minutes be a big deal if you saved $5.00?


I apologize for the rant, just had to get that out.

My next rant is likely to be about lobbying and public policy, could be a long one, you may want to avoid that one.

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You ll actually gonna PICK UP from the same location in a few weeks. So Don't Worry, Be Happy. About the LAX Police; they hate ubers/TNCs. I ve heard it from an officer. He said the airport doesn't really want em; he even questioned why cabs aren't striking (I don't think that's any solution, btw).
About taxis sucking, please don't believe everything you hear. Usually the ppl suck. If you plan and call ahead, taxis usually show up on time or early. They love uber because it's CHEAP like dirt. Period.

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Cops just do what they are told to do from the higher ups. The enforce what they are told to enforce.

They are the lawa's puppets. If the airport tells them to leave you alone they leave you alone if the airport tells them to tow you, they tow you.
If they want to enforce PUC rules they will tel the cops to do so.

They really are powerless against the people that run the airport. Must suck, all that training and suppose to enforce the law and they are told what they can enforce vs what they can't enforce

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Not debating incident took place, but in over 500 drop offs @LAX I have never had an issue with LAWA PD.

I follow:
  1. Trade Dress Visible
  2. Obey all vehicular/traffic laws
  3. If curb available, park at curb
  4. If directed by traffic officer, follow directions

And one should be on your best behavior @LAX; I have witnessed numerous U drivers speeding, cutting vehicles off and driving like A holes.

This poor behavior may be attracting undo attention to rest of us.
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