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I just want to get from point A to point B

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42 year old male, married with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat. I drive a car and sometimes catch cabs, uber, buses, trains, planes and a ferry or 2. Experiences have been on either end of the spectrum for all of the above. All I want as a consumer is to get where I need to at a reasonable cost. Everything else is irrelevant to me. If it's tough being a cabby then do something else. If it's tough driving for uber then do something else. If none of the transportation avenues are available to me tomorrow, I will find something else. Thanks Joe
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Not sure what the original poster is getting at?

It sounds to me like you are saying 'PUT UP OR SHUT UP'.
Not at all I,m prepared to pay for a service. The consumer sets the price point in an open market. Maybe the way to have grievances actioned is to inform the consumer and have them put pressures on the companies. Uber and taxis will always find drivers to exploit but maybe if consumers are made aware of the work conditions they can apply pressure. Not looking for an argument just a perspective from a normal bloke who didn't even know about these issues until stumbling on this forum.
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All you want is cheap transportation whether the driver loses money or not. But I'm sure you are a good tipper. Since you don't like Uber or taxi drivers please do something else besides ride with us. Thanks
You are also looking for a better deal as you want more money I will use services that are available to me as my needs dictate. Never said I don't like uber or taxis. Just thought you would like to know what the general public knows and does.Sorry if I offended you
But as a customer would you be okay with the driver lecturing you about his Uber woes? It sounds like you would prefer to get from A to B without the conversation.
Don't mind a chat but probably wouldn't go down with everyone. I don't have an answer but if the public doesn't know and just think that uber is doing a great job then nothing will change. I feel your frustrations and will be sure to let my friends and colleagues know about the harsh conditions.

After giving 1000+ rides, this is not an easy gig. If you've read some of the posts, I'm sure you have gotten a flavor of what drivers have to deal with. If you want to get true experience go drive for a month. I Really really really wish the CEO of Uber would go walk in shoes of drivers and drive for a month and try to live off of what he takes home. I digress.

I enjoy driving 90% of people and I agree to the money offered. The money I make from tips makes me feel like people are generous and appreciate my service. Uber has made it seem like "tip is included" which is most drivers sticking point and Uber has cut fares/drivers rates significantly when there didn't seem to be too much logic. Anyways drivers perspective. When I ride as pax I tip. just like I tip waitresses. pax don't seem to have a clue whdn it takes me 45 minutes to get $3.
Thanks for educating me and good luck
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