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I'll be brief... not like the assholes at Best Buy (the Geek Squad, the Samsung Rep) or the Google Help people...

SOMETHING (like a major hack) occurred at the end of Feb. and as a result of it many people with Google accounts became locked out of those accounts. Without ready access to their accounts android phone users can't update any apps, or buy anything (with or without cash) from Google Play.

When I tried to update the Uber Driver's App I was told that I had to sign in to Google again, to prove that I was the owner of that account. I followed the directions but it didn't solve the problem. Even though I was given access to my account I still could not update any programs, or get anything from Google Play. I was caught in a loop.

Finally I found, in the "settings" folder, on the bottom, this: Reset to factory defaults. Having been trying half measures for 3 days I bit the bullet and put my phone back to the condition it was in when I first bought it.

I very carefully set it up again, and kept notes along the way. Then I went to Google Play and downloaded the newest version of the Google Driver App.

Now everything is "Sui Generis " ... as one of my old theology profs used to say....
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