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Had it since thur early afternoon after a pax left/lost/forgot It .

I will take Vodka over water anytime but weed eeeehhh it makes me lazy and too mellow, but i still ate that edible two days later with some hot good coffee.. I should of not..

After 20 min or so i'm feeling a little too good.. I turned off the app(s) and decided to haul back N from beautiful Newport beach..
And because i was feeling a little too good i found myself approaching Manhattan beach on the scenic route!. My left hand reacted accordingly and went on making a legal right turn...

But im feeling a little too gooood and remembered that the app(s) are Off..

I decided to get home using the bridge to the fast track, no rush, it is a holiday weekend and the wife and girl are visiting with her Angel mom and evil sister in law..

Seal beach looked amazing until i get a lux ping from Lyft !? Wtf!!??

And because i was feeling a little too good and because lyft finally sends a call wich by the way almost never happens . I took it !??

5 min away =20 min to loading pax; location is on 2nd st LBC...

To be, not continued..
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