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ever since the metals surge has been fading away slowly even at last call hours

i saw it was surging so i go online hoping to do a quick ride or 2 get a ping right away at 2x surge so i start heading there and boom cancel whatever got a ping right away at a higher surge start heading there notice its a little far pax cancels again start getting annoyed get another ping at even higher surge at weho show up pax wont answer and its crowded worse than LAX collect my fee and boom another ping far away cancelled yet again o_O get another ping at a higher surge notice its a pool :mad: finally this one doesnt cancel and is waiting
ended up being a whopper to the middle of nowhere on a high surge so whatever

i guess all the cheap pax ordering and cancelling hoping to wait out a surge caused this little surge or whatever
im glad it only got higher hope it teaches them a lesson:p

also got a popup on the freeway big red letters showing my MPH when i went over 80
never got this before
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