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I call BS

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For those who know me and those who don't .
I've been driving uber for the past 3 years , and I'm the FIRST one to about fuber wrong doings ..

But ... All the threads and speculations and calculations about hourly guarantee pay vs. medal pay ... I call BS

listen , I'm on hourly for few good weeks now .. And yes some nights are better then the other ... But there i have NO PROBLEM getting pings even though I'm on "hourly" promo ...

I drive select .. And sometimes I switch to x when it's surging or when I just feel I need a little shake n bake instead idling ... Boom I get plenty of uber x pings !!!
I mean it ... And once again ... I'd be happy to hop on the wagon of at uber ...

But all u professors are doing the wrong math !!!

Oh wait ... I'm getting stacked x pings in ... The valley ......

Ugh ... What is the lesson we learned today class ???

Pings in core la ? Nooooo
Pings elsewhere ? Yesssss

Good class , good ..

What needs to happen to make y'all understand that all u gotta do is open the damn passenger app and compare areas with ants before u head there ?

I've seen spreadsheets .. People come up here and say their friends and cousins tried to ping them blah blah ...

Guys guys guys ... Yes uber manipulate where the pings go to ... At times ... BUT it has nothing to do with the different promos !

Don't believe me ? Try it to yourself leave core la and make sure u are not surrounded by ants and u are gewd ta go !

And btw... I had few select pings this week from 10 min away ... And I immediately opened the passenger app to see if there's closer select cars to the ping and yes they were ... But I still got it ! And I'm on hourly .. Not medal ... And no my rating isn't 4.9
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I agree with you 200%.

They have made these assumptions about medals and hourly with nothing to back it up other than they just suck at getting pings.

The sample size is non-relevant to how many drivers are in the market. They took a pole of 15 drivers in a market of 60,000 drivers. Sorry, not only is their assumption beyond ignorant, their data to back up their alleged findings is a joke. 15 drivers does not make a scientific pole.

We all know you have to be in the right spot at the right time. Space yourself away from everyone.

It's the same thing where everyone thinks they are all great drivers. "I'm a 4.6 but that BS." Is it now. Then why are people 4.7, 4.8,4.9. I'm even tired of reading how great everyone is at driving and it's everyone else's fault they're a 4.6. Let's face it, you people need a dose of reality. If you're being deactivated it's because you suck. There's nothing else to state. Too many driver are above 4.9. They drive the same people you drive. Don't need to hear BS how it's everybody else. You just suck at the job.

Unfortunately, there are so many egos on here people just can't admit they don't know how to do the job.

It's not just turning on and driving around.

I call BS too on the pings. I haven't been having any issues. I think I'm on silver. Not sure. I don't try to medal. I just make what I want to make then call it day.

I didn't post in that thread because it was just a bunch of stupid and I didn't have the patience or for that matter wanted to waste my time reading all that stupid.
No substantiated proof Optimus. You gotta have data and proof to back up your claims, of which you have none. No assumptions have been made. There is proof, but if you want to remain ignorant that's fine. You full timers would be much less happy without a metal driving around the core, I'll tell ya that right now.
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Right back at you avocado. Your thread has no substantiated proof. Just a bunch of hearsay from a handful of drivers that think they have some conspiracy theory.
What they really need are head Meds to curb the paranoia.
No paranoia. No conspiracy. We are reporting our experiences, there is proof as listed in the post, and there are no hourlies/non-incentives reporting consistent pings. Sample size is small, but with nobody reporting otherwise, you wonder. Go ahead and get on hourly for this Tue-Thurs and post your results. You could be a great case study.
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Lol>>> "There is no proof, we only have 15 people here saying they get back to back pings, and 15 others saying they have to wait 1 hour to get the ping."
Ya, that's the proof bro.
Please don't comment if you're not informed. Those saying they are receiving back to back pings are on the metal incentives. The others, are reporting the opposite and are on hourly/non-incentive.
Didn't understand your response. I was actually saying that that IS the proof. 15 people is more than enough to understand pings are rigged. But I read people writing "there's no proof, it's only 15 people bla bla..."
Ahh, my bad for the lack of understanding.
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