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For those who know me and those who don't .
I've been driving uber for the past 3 years , and I'm the FIRST one to about fuber wrong doings ..

But ... All the threads and speculations and calculations about hourly guarantee pay vs. medal pay ... I call BS

listen , I'm on hourly for few good weeks now .. And yes some nights are better then the other ... But there i have NO PROBLEM getting pings even though I'm on "hourly" promo ...

I drive select .. And sometimes I switch to x when it's surging or when I just feel I need a little shake n bake instead idling ... Boom I get plenty of uber x pings !!!
I mean it ... And once again ... I'd be happy to hop on the wagon of at uber ...

But all u professors are doing the wrong math !!!

Oh wait ... I'm getting stacked x pings in ... The valley ......

Ugh ... What is the lesson we learned today class ???

Pings in core la ? Nooooo
Pings elsewhere ? Yesssss

Good class , good ..

What needs to happen to make y'all understand that all u gotta do is open the damn passenger app and compare areas with ants before u head there ?

I've seen spreadsheets .. People come up here and say their friends and cousins tried to ping them blah blah ...

Guys guys guys ... Yes uber manipulate where the pings go to ... At times ... BUT it has nothing to do with the different promos !

Don't believe me ? Try it to yourself leave core la and make sure u are not surrounded by ants and u are gewd ta go !

And btw... I had few select pings this week from 10 min away ... And I immediately opened the passenger app to see if there's closer select cars to the ping and yes they were ... But I still got it ! And I'm on hourly .. Not medal ... And no my rating isn't 4.9

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Uber manipulates pings... that's all you need. You don't need to add "...based on promos" or anything else. Uber manipulates pings. So I guess it's ok to receive an email saying you'll make 20/hr plus 150$ bonus after 30 rides, except, oh no, that day no pings, they all went somewhere else.

They always said AND EVEN STRESSED in tons of ads that the closest gets the ping. It isn't so. A judge is going to catch up on that, sooner or later.
Dude I'm addressing a specific issue here

Why are u stirring away

Read the end of my post and see that we are in agreement about that

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Assuming you are talking to the OP since you didn't reply to any other poster.

There is a way to get priority pings over others. It has nothing to do with medals or hourly. I would share, just not feeling appreciated at this point, so the rest of you rocket scientist can figure it out for yourselves.
Lol true that Optimus Uber

Btw if we are talking conspiracies ( which I love to discuss ... As I think 9/11 was an inside job and mass shootings are at times government created ) I think that ping priorities goes into a good mix of some uber algorithm BIGGER then we think ..

So if I were to smoke a doobie ( which I don't )
I would then say that ping priority algorithm deep inside uber secret bunker goes like that -

A combination of ---
1. Your 5 star comments ( shows how you are REALLY likely when someone appreciates your ride ). Aka quality of service ...

2. How u rate your RIDERS ( yes .. Believe it or not ... I'm sure uber pays attention to this ... Keep in mind that pax are the one feeding uber and us ... So they wanna make sure pax are happy with their ratings ...

3. Location ( somewhat )

4. Matching pings with previous riders ( happens to me quite a bit lately ). .. That builds good repor on the customer side

5. If your car is moving or not ...
If u are driving 70 on the fwy and there's a car idle the ping will go there )

And 6 .... If u write an email to uber saying "hey I don't get pings " ... Cuz 3 years of experience.. When I do that ... Shazam .. Pings starts coming in

So ya ... U might think I'm high bringing those points up ... But throug massive experience with uber .. Plus common sense .. And also KEEPING IN MIND THAT CUSTOMERS FAVORS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO UBER ... Then those conspiracies about pings might actually be true

For example ... Every time I get a nice 5 star comment from pax ... I feel like I have 3-4 glory days from uber where I get nice select pings coming my way even if I'm not the nearest ant ....
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