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I will be out and about once again here in Phoenix doing ride share, however this time, I will be live streaming on Twitch to supplement my income. I have already carved out and installed smokin hot PC in the trunk of my car, wired in my dash cam and dash mounted my podcast quality mic. I also have two tablets tied to the front of my dash where myself and my PAX can view the live stream. On the other tablet, I have the twitch chatroom and since I am driving, I have voice activation so both myself and my PAX can answer questions as they arise.

I have also made some custom stickers for my windows that advise my Pax that they will be recorded live and be featured on my Twitch account. I am hoping to make the Twitch front page. Of course I will welcome subscribers, Twitch Primers and followers. Subscriptions are cheap and only cost you $5.99/month but if you have Amazon Prime you can sub for free! I will be driving on a set schedule as that is the best way to increase your following and because I am going for maximum entertainment value, I will be working the late night bar crowds, post game crowds, methadone clinic crowd and as many seedy points of interests as possible, including ASU.

The best thing about this plan is that Twitch influencers have even put up swag markets and their subs have made some of them millionaires. As I drive, I will answer all of my PAX dumbest ride share questions, like why do I drive? Answer! So I can afford my planned vacation to the Amalfi Coast this summer! Has anybody ever barfed in your car? Answer: Why, yes, in fact just an hour ago right where you are sitting, I do hope your butt isn't getting wet because I am sure I blow dried the heck out of that spot.

Anyway, with a healthy dose of live action ride share entertainment designed to educate potential drivers on the pitfalls along with pax on car etiquette, I suspect I should easily be out earning JD within the next 30 days!

Just wondering what my new disco ball will do to the quality of my live stream.....
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