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Going off @Chocoholic scenario call it $250 for gas is averaging upper 20s 28 mpg if not better and say $4 a gallon 63.42 gallons over 1,776 miles round trip with the cheaper state fuel ups. Gasbuddy shows it can be done for $211 with a 20/30 mpg vehicle scenario. Would take a 20 city/25 highway mpg vehicle to be at $253 by their guide. Unless you're driving like a grandma or making lots of stops 61 mph average they say it'll take 14.33 hours (860 minutes)... take out the 1/2 hour for 28 hours round trip $842 upfront - $80 hotel somewhere = $762 / 28 hours $27.21 per hour. Take out $60 in food if they don't pay for it or tip up. $700 / 28 = $25 an hour. At least it's $700+ guaranteed income over just 2 days. Might get some trips back in the California borders eventually. I got lucky with a Palm Springs to Beverly Hills trip before after my own out of state road trip to Arizona. I have ignored Vegas and Arizona trip requests lately. Nobody gets paid for sleeping time at home or away, unless you have investments. :unsure:

Would think some of them would hop on a way cheaper bus if flights don't beat the ride cost, then take an Uber from the main city. But that spot is still 183 miles from Albuquerque, which Uber shows costing a $219 ride from ABQ airport. The app won't show the full trip fare from Hollywood.

Or he could timeout like the guy that just happened to plow into 25 police cadets while supposedly passing out at the wheel. NBC4 interviewed him. Seems like the cadets beat him up or at least dragged him out after he might of avoided injury. Some people said he was up late then off to work extra early and saw his face looking downward...probably not looking at a cell phone. The attorney wouldn't let him answer how the injuries happened.
Thought I could drive up to San Francisco before on little sleep. I kept nodding off up into the Grapevine and said screw this, headed back home.
Missed out on a sports team winning a state championship.

Uuuuuuuuuuummm . . . gas in AZ is typically 15 to 20 cents per gallon less than Sams / Costco in OC. It'll be about $4.35 per gallon. And where do you stay for $80 per night?
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