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Well, just started driving Uber this last week...Have a whole 3 fares under my belt so far..LOL..Should have gotten some tonight on the way home as I was constantly in a red 'surge' zone..But in my fumbling around with my phone I unknowingly(I guess) hit the 'Go Offline' button..When I realized I was 'offline' I was almost home from a long hot day at my 'real' job, so said screw it and went home...Liking it so far..I can see the potential from the fares I have gotten that there IS money to be made doing this..

Anyway, just sayin 'Hi'..Real name is Jon..I drive a Chevy Silverado double cab, red(ruby) in color..and I like listening to rock and rooting for my SF Giants on my XM/Sirius radio.:)
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