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How will this affect UberPRO Benefits?

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So I'm getting the ASU online tuition assistance through UberPRO. You have to get 300 points per 3 month period (Gold) to keep these benefits. I'm all caught up for this period, but the next period begins April 30. If there still aren't enough people using Uber by then, and I am unable to meet that 300 point quota in 3 months, does that mean I will lose by tuition assistance? I understand there is a grace period, right? Is Uber making exceptions for this? The app said something vague about not having to worry about losing your Pro benefits, but I'd love to learn the real details . Are we exempt from having to reach our 300 point goal during the period from April 30 - June 30?
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I saw an email.... I can't find it now, that said Uber Pro status would not be affected while this Covid19 issue is ongoing. There is a 90 day grace period anyway if you are taking classes with ASU.

I found it.
it's the "for the remainder of this qualifying period" part that confuses me. Does that mean after April 30th we're on our own and we go after those non - existent points? I'm beginning to regret opting out of UberEATS..
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