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How Uber Drivers Decide How Long to Work
New York Times, By NOAM SCHEIBER - SEPT. 4, 2016

"The ride-hailing company Uber is best known for upending the taxi industry. Now it may be making waves in the economics profession as well.

For nearly 20 years, economists have been debating how cabdrivers decide when to call it a day. This may seem like a trivial question, but it is one that cuts to the heart of whether humans are fundamentally rational - in this case, whether they earn their incomes efficiently - as the discipline has traditionally assumed."

"[...] That's where Uber comes in. When one of the company's researchers, using its supremely detailed data on drivers' work time and rides, waded into the debate with a paper this year, the results were intriguing."


Link to white paper, "Income Targeting and the Ridesharing Market" by Michael Sheldon February 18, 2016:
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