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In defense of everyone who doesn't agree with you: You sir drive SELECT.

It's a mixed bag honestly... I drive SELECT but I will accept UberX at 2.3x or higher. Often I'll drive somewhere rural on an X surge (great trip) only to get stacked over and over with X trips.

The issue is that Uber hides the ride type and surge level (and destination obviously) so you're somewhat forced to accept and then cancel if it's not what you want.

I don't mind popping up early as the only car in the middle of no where at 4am that's more money for me. However, that's only if pax see me as SELECT and not cut rate X.
I agree with you on me driving Select. But driving Select vs X is not that much of a difference when you break it down. The demand is less. I don't do as many rides but I still have to wait somewhere for the rides to come to me. I spend about 55 hrs. a week online. Most of that time I'm sitting and waiting, either at home or Buckhead/Midtown. At the end of the week I average $700 - $800 (between Lyft/Uber) with 24 -30 trips. That's a lot sitting. The demand is very small near my house so I have move elsewhere to get rides without riding around wasting gas (especially at today's prices). Having said all of that I don't chase surges, I don't wait to log on until there is a surge, I don't stop stacked surges, I don't worry about tips and I pick up all ratings paxs. Doing of that means losing $$ somewhere. The only pings I don't accept are the ones 20 minutes or more away unless I get gut feeling. Usually that happens because I might be the only XL/Select in the area around 4 am.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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