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Back-to-Back Rides
A big factor in reducing Surge involves back-to-back rides. It allows for drivers to "stack" a 2nd ride when they are in the last few minutes of their current ride. This means that 2 passengers are effectively assigned to the same driver for a few overlapping minutes.

This plays a big part in reducing Surge because the system can now "balance" the number of incoming requests with available drivers more effectively. If there are 100 drivers in an area and each of them have a rider in their car, we can suppose that 25% of them are in the last leg of their current ride. So adding new requests at the end of the rides that are ending is like instantly adding an extra 25 drivers

Got ^^^^^^^ In my email Subs. I think we NEED to start selecting 'STOP NEW REQUESTS!' Immediately after accepting trips, once you drop the PAX, select 'KEEP DRIVING'.
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