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How to make money on Uber, 2018 style!

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1) Make sure you accept all pool trips. More riders in your car, more $$.
2) East bay is where you want to be at. Specifically Concord, Walnut Creek, Dublin/Pleasanton area. Rates are lower yes, but lots of rich people who tip and its easy to drive there.
3) If youre in the city, typically SOMA is where you want to be at. More pool trips towards your 60-75 trip quest.

Also remember to give water bottles and candy for good ratings.
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1. Never accept pool unless you are chasing quests and know that youre gonna hit it.

2. Avoid east bay at all cost. Rates are low and the chances of going to East Oakland are high. Homicides happen pretty regularly there.

3. Fidi is actually where you want to be at instead of Soma but requires more experience and know how. Both area has their pros and cons. Fidi has more deebags and misplaced pins with so so traffic. Soma deebags are less dooshier. But the one way streets and intense traffic are super frustrating.

P.S. people that work in these areas (Finance/Tech/Business) easily make over 100k a year with benefits. Some senior guys making 350k+ and make your 1500$ gross a week seem pathetic (if you even manage to gross 1500 a week which i guarantee most are unable to or are too lazy to achieve). Just the way it is in SF.
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