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How to make it SURGE all the time

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If people simply never log on unless surging, surging will occur most the time. Fairly simple, only if there eas a way to let all drivers know this.
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If it does that than Uber will just double their spending on advertising and bring in even more drivers, and then it will never surge.
Most of the people who drive are those have considered to, there isn't an endless supply of drivers and those willing to drive because of advertising.
At least half the world can drive people around all day, there may not be an endless supply but there is a large enough supply to replace their entire force of drivers every year for many years.
What we need to do is strike, a friend of mine works in the PHoenix market part time and they organized a strike, before the strike ever happened Uber raised their fares about $.10 a mile and $.50 a pickup. Not a ton but it could make a decent difference in a drivers bottom line.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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