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Have you ever dealt it but not smelled it...lol

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So. My better half made some awesome chilli for dinner last night. I went through the day at work going from meeting to meeting.

Got in my car and started on my way home to the suburbs. Traffic has been bad due to the snowstorm and it's kinda cold outside so I figured instead of sitting on the highway I would get off and try to pick up some rides.

I got a ping from Seneca college and went to pick up this kid. He was going about 20 min away. Seemed nice for the first minute or so but then all of a sudden he asks me to stop and unlock the door.

He's standing outside the car and gestures for me to open the passenger window.

"Yo Man, just end the trip. I'll walk. By the way, I'm not sure if you can smell it or not but I think you ran over a skunk with your car"

What i didnt mention was that on my way to the car after work I let out a huge amount of gas. I guess that instead of the tiny ones that usually are brought on by great chilli my body stored it up for one big kaboom! Being cold I didn't smell anything and I guess I went a bit noseblind once I was in the car.

Please learn from my mistakes. Chilli is a rating killer. I'm fully expecting Uber to cancel my account later today ☺

Please share any similar stories you may have. I can't be the only one to ever screw up like this
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