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How to get a new rider account

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does anyone know of or have any experience with how to delete a rider account and getting a new rider account without having to change the phone number
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What did Uber say?
Uber didnt answer the question as to how to do it.

Thanks, Instyle

Not a bad rating, "No One"
They were refusing to validate free rides obtained from giving out the rider code because of misuse ?
Essentially they didnt like the fact that I disagreed with the whole notion of why we dont get the $20 credit when we give out our referral code,
so I used another account to get the free ride credit which I then used to generate a ride where I got paid.
It's stupid that you are forced to take a ride which gives another driver the $20 credit, when you have earned it by referring it to your friends.
I suppose if you use Uber it's the same thing, but I rather have cash in hand.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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